Shri Narsingh Ji Mandir is an Ancient temple and was established more than 1700 years ago in Ghagwal, town of samba District of Jammu and Kashmir state. It is at the walking distance from the National Highway and the railway station.

When you enter in the temple you will see Hanuman's (Bajrang Bali Ji) altar along with five trees (Neem, Peepal, Garna, Shehtoot (blackberry) and Riyar).

Around 1700 years back, few saints came to this holy place and took shelter near to these five trees.These five trees had been dried. In the morning when those saints were about to leave this place, they saw that all of the trees were green.

Among those saints, one of the saint Shri Nar Hari Das told to rest of the saints that he won’t leave this place and will stay here forever. Along with him, his pupil named Ram Das decided to stay with him and to serve saint Shri Nar Hari Das.

After a long time, a group of few ladies came to this place and requested the saint for their stay at this place. When the ladies left, pupil 'Ram Das' while cleaning the area found a bag full of some goods.

Ram Das went to his master Shri Nar Hari Das Ji and informed him about the bag. Then Shri Nar Hari Das Ji sent Ram Das to Badhvani, a place near Samba to return the bag.

One of the ladies named Maa Brinda told Ram Das that they are going to Vaishno Devi and while returning they will pick their bag from the Ghagwal.

Then that lady Maa Brinda who belonged to a very rich family of Rajasthan permanently shifted to Samba and used to come every day to Ghagwal to serve the saints.

One day Sri Nar Hari Das Ji was telling katha of Narsingh Avatar to the believers. At that time Maa Brinda requested Mahant Ji that she wanted to build a temple at this place.

Then Maa Brinada told Mahant Ji about the goods in the bag which she used to carry with her all the time.

There were there sculptures in her bag, one was of Maa Annapurna (white colored), second was of Sri Narsingh Ji Avatar with Sudershan Chakkar and third one was of Narsingh Jee Roop.

Maa Brinda then sold her two gold bangles and bought 37 kanals of land for the Sarovar (pond) and donated the land to the temple.