Gandmool Shanti Pooja
Performed on 27th day after the birth of the baby, it is performed from 7 am till 12 noon.
People from all religions which include Sikh, Hindu, Christians and others, come and perform the puja or jagaya at this holy temple.
Samaghhri or items required while doing puja or jagya:
  1. Bronze bowl (kain ki kouli)
  2. Desi ghee (1.25kg)
  3. Five or 6 type of fruits (1.25kg each)
  4. Sweets (1kg)
  5. Agarbati & dhoop (1 pkt each)
  6. Tulla daan which includes daal (pulses), aata (wheat flour) & rice { as per the weight of the person}
  7. Chadawa or donation (according to the person's choice)